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We're changing the GAME. Here at Getaway Music Entertainment, we aim to provide you with royalty free, full length albums to listen to while you stream, work, play, sleep, or study. If you're looking for music to vibe to, look no further than our selection below.Our mission is to provide exceptional music to use for whatever your needs are free of cost. We won't claim your monetization, we won't mute you, issue a takedown, or ban you in certain countries*. We want to provide you with a stress-free way to enjoy the things you love with a kick ass soundtrack in the background.Click the album art below to listen to our individual albums, or check us out on Spotify and Apple Music via the links above. If you like what you hear, subscribe to us, follow us, and leave comments; there will be plenty more to come.

*Please note that while all of our original songs will forever remain unclaimed and free for use, we do, on occassion provide cover tracks as well. We're music lovers, just like you, and sometimes our creative process has us put out covers. In those cases, we are licensing from the original artist, and therefore the original rights are still owned by the original artist. Those songs may be claimed at any time, should that artist choose to do so. We will clearly identify those tracks/albums as we release them, but please use them at your own risk.



Looking to publish your music under our label? Drop us a line below and get in touch! We'd love to hear your work.